Our roots go back to Dreamhack Winter 2013, where we did our very first Team Fortress 2 MGE tournament, but it wasn’t until Dreamhack Winter 2015 our interest for production started. In 2016 Team Fortress 2 attended both summer and winter, hosted by Esport United and partners. 2017 became the year, where everything started to form. We attended I61 in Birmingham and ESU rumble in Sweden, and started working on our own events.

With the backup from Esport United and Copenhagen Games, we structured and produced our first international LAN event at Copenhagen Games 2018. This also became the year, where we started our interest in production of other games, and at LANBit we got a change to produce various games, such as CS:GO, PUBG and Overwatch. Things started to fall into place, and we our crew have participated in a variety of events since, such as ESL and Swiss Gameshow.
2019 have so far brought us yet another and bigger Team Fortress 2 tournament at Copenhagen Games, but also the female CS:GO production – something that we are in the process of developing and will launch in near future.

We are excited to see what the future brings, and what we can bring to the table. We love to challenge ourselves, and will take on almost any task we can get.